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What we do?

We are proud of many things...

IT training

We provide IT training to individuals and business customers. For more information take a look at Code Bootcamp's website.

IT support

We can help you with your network infrastructure, client support or on-site maintenance.


We specialize in e-commerce, starting from your tools and website, up to warehouse integration and extensions.

Big data

Do you need help with your storage or data management? Do you need tools that will let you browse data and make sense out of numbers? We can help!

Bespoke applications

Bespoke software focused on your business needs. A small automation or larger management application? We can create it!

We are local!

With offices in Cambridge and Huntingdon we are local to you, so we act faster and deliver outstanding products.

We are Pico Prime

Pico Prime was founded in June 2015. We are a one stop web development company offering an extensive range of IT services.

We strongly believe in automation and we encourage our employees to think outside the box and to come up with simple solutions to repetitive and boring tasks that our customers might do on daily basis.

We are based in Cambridge and we also have a small office in Huntingdon to better support our customers in the area.

If you like what we do, and you think we could work together,
then please get in touch.

About us
Work anywhere

No matter where and how

Your data should follow you and your tools should be available instantly.

In today's world you have to access your data anywhere and from any device connected to the Internet. That's why we design websites and applications that work correctly in all browsers or if we can, we will build an OS specific app that will make best use of operating system on your phone, laptop or tablet without glitches that can occur in web browsers.

Example: You are away and you need to check a task that is running on your company's servers. You might have to use terminal or some painful "magic" with ftp client, but you could hire us and we would build an app that does it automatically and notifies you when the task is done. No more checking, no more fuzz!

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Office Locations

Future Business Centre
King's Hedges Road, CB4 2HY

Phone: 01223 500 298
Email: office@picoprime.com

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